Hi Stadstuin!


Welcome to FIGO Mobility. Your new mobility platform.

De Stadstuin is een thuishaven voor creatievelingen, workaholics, trainers en levensgenieters. Met alle ruimte en faciliteiten om zakelijk te groeien. Je hebt de vrijheid om een ruimte helemaal in te richten en verbouwen zoals je zelf wilt, in de uitstraling die bij je past.

Nu is het tijd om weer mobiel te zijn, en daarom krijg je exclusief toegang tot het mobiliteit platform Figo Mobility

Je ontvangt een uitnodiging in je mail om de App te downloaden en in te loggen met je Stadstuin-account

Scan je rijbewijs in de App & get moving!
FIGO geeft je toegang tot >1000+ auto's (binnenkort e-bromfietsen & meer) in steden als Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag en meer Check je mail en ga aan de slag!

FIGO aanbod van deelauto's in Nederland

>1000 cars

Step 1: Open your mail

  • Check your invite mail (maybe in your Spam…)
  • Download app and Get Started with Stadstuin account
  • Want to drive private? Add private details in your account

Step 2: Book & Go

  • When logged in, check availability and GO
  • >1000 cars available (e-mopeds will follow soon!)
  • Open the car with your phone and start your ride!

Figo sharing

As a business user you are eligble for a 20% discount for every ride you take. Get your subscription via Stadstuin and enjoy your discount now

City Electric

€2,95 per uur

€29,50 per dag

€0,24 per kilometer

Volkswagen T-Roc met oranje zijspiegels in FIGO stijl


€2,95 per uur

€29,50 per dag

€0,27 per kilometer

Citroën C1 op het FIGO platform in samenwerking met Mywheels


€3,25 per uur

€32,50 per dag

€0,24 per kilometer

Nissan Leaf op het FIGO platform in samenwerking met Mywheels


€3,25 per uur

€32,50 per dag

€0,29 per kilometer

Citroën C3 op het FIGO platform in samenwerking met Mywheels

Any questions?

Whatsapp or call us on

+31 (0)6 42 25 99 79



How to switch between business and private?

Use the Business & Private toggle in the App. This ensures you don’t have to pay taxes afterwards. So be aware which account you use when booking a ride.

What are the costs?


  1. City car: €2,95 p/u (max €29,50 p/d) + €0,27/km incl. tax
  2. Family car: €3,25 p/u (max €32,50 p/d) + €0,29/km incl. tax
  3. Electric car: €3,25 p/u (max €32,50 p/d) + €0,24/km incl. tax

Your costs are covered by your employer, lucky you 🙂

All these prices are including fuel

How do I pay?

All rides will be calculated based on time and distance travelled. We will send you the bill after your ride.


  • Business rides will be charged monthly with your employer, you will be free of charge!
  • Private rides will be charged from your credit card. In case you don’t have a creditcard, please contact us via mail, phone or whatsapp (support@figo.app I 06 42 25 99 79).
Am I insured?

All cars are insured via our third party providers so you can drive without a worry. Your liability is €500,- for each incident which can be lowered to €250,- by paying €3,50 extra per day. Check Terms and Conditions.

Can I visit another country with the car?

Sure! You can drive to each European country. Road assistance is included in our service.

Please contact us when you want to take a car to a non-European country to prevent connection problems to open the car.